Energy Bill Package in Nashville Could Be A Step To #RenewTN

This blog post was written by Jason Carney, former Clean Energy Program Manager with the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy. Update: The bills passed on June 4, 2019.

Guest Blog | May 10, 2019 | Clean Transportation, Energy Policy, Solar, Tennessee

See news coverage of the June 4, 2019 passage of the bills here.


Metro Council location: 1 Public Square, Nashville, TN 37201. The chamber is on the 2nd floor, right hand as you enter the building.

SACE’s #Renew TN campaign calls for increased access to clean energy as well as increased assistance with energy burdens and more transparency from our public power providers throughout the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) service area. The bill package being considered by Metro Nashville Council regarding renewable clean energy, green buildings and sustainable transportation is a promising step in the right direction.

The package includes three separate bills. They are:


100% Renewable Energy for Nashville Municipal Buildings (BL2019 -1600);

Zero emission fleet (BL2109-1598); and

LEED Platinum certification for new construction of city owned buildings (BL2019-1599).

SACE’s Current Position

SACE, a leading member of Climate Nashville, supports the future goal of Nashville achieving a zero carbon footprint and we are encouraged by the introduction of this foundational bill package by lead sponsor Councilmember Freddie O’Connell and the growing list of co-sponsors on the Metro Council. The bills are a good start, and we urge the Council to keep working to improve the legislation to ensure equitable, effective implementation. Contact us so we can show up together at Metro Council at 5:30pm on May 21 when the bill package will be discussed (we’ll save you a clean energy sticker!).

We are encouraged to hear that the proposed amendment will include language from Metro’s recent Equal Business Opportunity (EBO) law which addresses equitable implementation. We want Nashvillians to benefit directly (e.g. local economic development, improved air and water, etc.) and indirectly (e.g. a proud member of the 100% cities club) from this legislation.

The bills would be further strengthened by…

  • Provisions for a community stakeholder driven planning process for meeting renewable energy targets in a way that benefits all Nashvillians,
  • An aggressive phase out of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), if initially used to meet targeted milestones, moving toward using local generation assets to hit renewable electricity supply goals
  • Equity in contracting and participation if not already included,
  • Language that mandates annual, public reports from the General Services Department and approved by Metro Council,
  • A plan to expand the scope to include all municipal buildings including MNPS, MNAA, MWS, MDHA, MTA, The Sports Authority, DES, etc.
  • A plan to include incentives for increased zero carbon participation from commercial and residential sectors.

Together we can make it happen! We look forward to seeing you at Metro Council on May 21!


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