Heather Pohnan

Energy Policy Manager

In her role of Energy Policy Manager, Heather supports SACE’s regulatory strategy through policy research, and data and geospatial analysis. Her work will focus on projects that support the inclusion of wind, solar, and energy efficiency in utility resource portfolios. Heather worked with SACE as a consultant before joining as a full time staff member based in Atlanta in May 2017.

Her career prior to joining SACE was spent working in clean energy and public policy in New Orleans, where she completed her undergraduate coursework at Tulane University in 2013. Throughout her nine years living in the south, she has worked on utility resource planning, outreach for energy efficiency incentive programs, and advocacy for low-income solar owners. She has worked with an array of highly influential clean energy and ratepayer advocates in addition to serving clients in both the nonprofit and private sector as an independent consultant.

Her hobbies include roller skating, genealogy research, and dogs.

Heather's Recent Posts


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