Memphians Urge City Council to Move MLGW RFP Process Forward

Over 80 MLGW customers and community leaders sign letter to City Council in support of sourcing more affordable, cleaner energy

Amy Rawe | October 1, 2020 | Position Statements

Download a pdf of the community letter here.

Dear Memphis Community Leaders,

We, the undersigned concerned Memphians, are requesting that MLGW issue a request for proposals (RFP) in order to determine how much money Memphians could save by switching to a cheaper and cleaner supply of energy. 

As we work together as a community under COVID-19, with a projected rise in extreme poverty that will further impact our energy burden, it is more important now than ever to choose clean, affordable, and renewable options that provide positive opportunities for job creation and economic development as we move forward with our energy future.

Memphis and Shelby County could save at least 120 million dollars, with several studies suggesting higher amounts of savings if MLGW purchased its power from a new supply, but the only way to know for sure what the savings would be is to get actual proposals from alternate power suppliers. An RFP will give concrete numbers for how much Memphians can save by moving to another power provider.

Because energy affects so many areas of our lives, we believe energy equity is among the top human rights issues of the 21st century. Moreover, it is imperative that decision makers in this process like you are exposed to clear choices, multiple options, and firm data with the most up to date information available regarding our energy future. We judge that an RFP will help equip you with just that before you make this historic decision that will impact us, our children, and our children’s children.  

Thank you for your consideration, and we are looking forward to a positive decision that will help us move towards a cleaner, more affordable, and equitable energy future.


Aaron Lewis, Memphis Coalition of Concerned Citizens

Angelo Earl

Anthony Fisher

Anya Parker, Community Organizer

Arna Gunn-Denton  

Bala Tounkara, Bala’s Bistro

Bobbie Hawkins

Bob Winbush, Winbush Promotions

Calvest Sallie

Carl C. Taylor

Carolyn Goodman

Carter Bass

Catherine Lewis, Inward Journey, Inc

Charles Casey, Casey’s Custom Cuts

Christopher Forest, Producer, Broadcast Music, Inc

Clifford Stockton III, Community Leader, Director TN, INC

Cloyzell Williams, President, Mid-South Kwanzaa, Inc

Cynthia Wilkins-Wortham

Dan Cleaborn

Danetria James

Danye Echtinaw

DeJuan Whitmore, Nail Swagg

Deborah Taylor

Debra Plunket

Deke Pope, Doing Group

Delia Koen, Enthrone Records Ent LLC

Denise Anthony

Dominique Nelson

Dr. Brenda Hardy

Dr. Darel Butler, MD

Dr.Gail Walker

Dr. L. Sha Fanion

Dr. Rosalyn R. Nichols, Pastor, Freedom’s Chapel Christian Church

Everette Jones

Faith Faser, President, SGT. Presley’s G.I. Blues Fan Club

F. Johnson

Guido Lewis

Harland Shaw

Ivy Hall

Janet E. Parker

Jett Lucas, Host, Java Justice & Jazz Talk Show

Julian Hudson

Karen Jackson

Karl A. Rivers

Kemberly Toney, PKWY Bar-B-Que

Ken Taylor

Kirby Dukes

Lady J Swift, I Love Whitehaven Neighborhood Association

Larry Jackson

Larry O’Kelly

Lula Barnes, Treasurer, Mid-South Kwanzaa, Inc

Mallory Morrison

Maxine Taylor, Polar Tropical Shaved Ice & Sweet

Mente Butts, Smooth Living Restaurant

M.D. Cooper

Myron Mays, The What’s Happening Network

Nini Brimley, Good Vybes Hair Studio

Nyne Walker

Omar Baruti, Parent Resource Center

Pearl Walker, Organizer, Memphis Has The Power

Percy F. Jones Jr.

Phee Robinson

Rami Abdoch, Memphis Dawah Association

Rev. Clifford Stockton Jr.

Rev. Dr. K Andre Brooks

Richie Domino

Rick Middlebrook

Rico Rivers.

Robert Bain, Joysmith Gallery

Ruben Barnes, Mid-South Kwanzaa

Sah Ankh Sa Maat

Sandra Upchurch, NAACP-ECJ Regional 5 Lead

Shun Watkins

Sidney Thurman

Stanley Taylor, Motherland Gallery

Teketa Hines

Towanna Murphy, Owner & CEO, WDEMRADIO.COM and 98.5 FM

Tracey Gales

Trina Clemmons, The African Place

Ms. Parks

Valencia Baymon

Wallace Redd, The Love Power Show

Yvette Granger, Natural Divinity

Yvette Juarez

Yvonne Nelson, President, DI’MANS, Inc

Zenobia McCoy