Clean energy in Georgia has increased substantially in the last decade and represents more than 71,000 jobs in the state. Solar power in Georgia has doubled three times (i.e., 8x) since 2015 and is poised to double again by 2023. Cities, including the cities of Atlanta, Athens, and Savannah have pledged to achieve 100% clean energy within the coming decades. Despite the fact that fossil gas has surpassed coal as the predominant fuel for electricity generation in Georgia, the state is home to the two largest coal-fired power plants in the USA.  Unit 4 of Plant Scherer will close at the end of 2021 leaving Plant Bowen as the largest in the USA. Plus construction continues on two uneconomic and unwarranted nuclear units, the only nuclear plants currently under construction in the USA. These units pose health risks to nearby residents and will saddle Georgia ratepayers with increased costs for decades to come.

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