Clean energy in Georgia has increased substantially in the last decade and represents more than 76,000 jobs in the state. Georgia experienced a 100-fold increase in solar power over a 5 year period and by the end of 2017 ranked in the top 10 in the USA. Cities, including the City of Atlanta, have pledged to achieve 100% clean energy within the coming decades. Despite the fact that natural gas has surpassed coal as the predominant fuel for electricity generation in Georgia, the state is home to the largest coal-fired power plant in the USA (and two of the top four). Plus construction continues on two uneconomic and unwarranted nuclear units, the only nuclear plants currently under construction in the USA. These units pose health risks to nearby residents and will saddle Georgia ratepayers with increased costs for decades to come.

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Groups Urge Georgia PSC to Stand with Customers and Deny Fee Hike

Over the past 10 weeks, through several hearings and public input sessions, the Georgia Public Service Commission has worked through difficult issues that Georgia Power has brought forth in their rate case.…


Did Georgia Power just flinch in a rate case showdown?

Georgia Power customers have spoken out strongly in opposition to the utility’s proposal to nearly double its mandatory monthly fee. And yesterday, Georgia Power conceded that its proposal will not be adopted.


Thousands of Georgia Power Customers Stand Up Against Proposed Fee Hike

Thousands of Georgians are calling on the Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) to deny Georgia Power’s proposed fee hike.

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