Join the Clean Energy Generation

The Clean Energy Generation is a movement of people of all ages and abilities working together to address the climate crisis and create a healthy future where our families, communities, and planet will thrive. 

Being alive right now, amidst unprecedented climate disruption and historic climate funding and opportunity, makes each of us a member of the Clean Energy Generation, and we’re making headway towards a safer future every day – from exploring home energy solutions (starting with pinpointing home energy problems), to helping secure new strong carbon pollution standards for power plants, to advocating for energy justice across the Southeast, to building community right here in our hometowns.

While 70% of Americans are worried about increasing extreme climate events and support a full transition to clean energy, it’s easy to feel alone in this uncertain time. But as members of the Clean Energy Generation, we’re embracing the uncertainty, coming together to share solutions and signs of progress, and advocating every day for the protection of the people and places we love. 

No matter who we are, where we live, or how much is in our wallets, we all deserve a healthier, more secure future. Thank you for being part of the momentum – let us know you’re in by signing up below!

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