POLL: Georgia Voters Support a Clean Electricity Standard, Now Included in the Senate Budget Reconciliation Package

Poll coincides with the Senate’s new reconciliation proposal which includes a Clean Electricity Standard

July 14, 2021
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Today, Senate Democrats announced that the reconciliation package will include a Clean Electricity Standard. Coinciding with today’s announcement, polling firm Data for Progress and Southern Alliance for Clean Energy released a new poll of likely voters in Georgia, finding that Georgia voters support the proposed Clean Electricity Standard, along with other key climate and clean energy provisions in the American Jobs Plan.

The American Jobs Plan’s Clean Electricity Standard would put America on a path to achieving a clean and reliable electricity system by 2035. The June 2021 poll finds Georgia voters support this proposal by a 42-point margin, including Democrats by a 77-point margin, Independents by a 49-point margin, and Republicans by a 7-point margin.

The same survey also polled voters’ support for other clean energy investments, including those proposed in President Biden’s Americans Jobs Plan:

  • 67% of voters support investments to create new good-paying, union jobs to manufacture the technologies of the future, like wind turbines, solar panels, and electric vehicles.
  • 68% of voters support funding to give consumers rebates and other incentives to purchase items such as electric vehicles, solar panels, and home appliances that are more efficient, save money, and create less pollution.
  • 62% of voters believe the government should make investments to create millions of new good-paying clean energy jobs across the country.

Read the full poll and methodology here.

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