Maggie Shober

Director of Utility Reform

Maggie Shober works to speed the clean energy transformation in the Southeast through analysis and advocacy. She has expertise in renewable energy, energy efficiency, coal retirements, energy market modeling, and transmission. In October of 2019, Maggie transitioned into Director of Utility Reform position and leads SACE’s technical work.

Prior to SACE, Maggie advised energy companies and utilities as part of Navigant Consulting’s Energy Practice. She also has hands-on experience in both federal and state policy. She holds a Master’s of Energy and Environmental Policy from the University of Delaware, and a BS in physics and environmental studies from Allegheny College.

Maggie's Recent Posts


TVA is planning to retire coal plants, what's next?

TVA has begun two plus years-long NEPA processes to retire and replace the Cumberland and Kingston coal plants. Here's an update on happenings and opportunities to get involved as of July 2021.


Responses to FERC Deficiency Letter on SEEM

Many Southeast utilities have proposed a construct called the Southeast Energy Exchange Market (SEEM). We've argued before that SEEM is not a market at all, despite the word market appearing in its…


South Carolina Public Service Commission hands Duke back its IRPs

At its business meeting on Thursday, June 17, the South Carolina Public Service Commission had some things to say about Duke Energy's Integrated Resource Plans (IRP). The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy…

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News & Resources


SACE et al response to SEEM Utilities' response to FERC Deficiency Letter

Protest of Public Interest Organizations, filed at FERC on July 28, 2021


FERC Deficiency Letter on SEEM

FERC issued a deficiency letter on the Southeast Energy Exchange Market, or SEEM, on May 4, 2021.