Maggie Shober

Director of Power Market Analytics

Maggie Shober started as the Director of Power Market Analytics at SACE in March of 2018. In her position, she works to speed the clean energy transformation in the Southeast through analysis and advocacy. She has expertise in renewable energy, energy efficiency, coal retirements, energy market modeling, and transmission.

Prior to SACE, Maggie advised energy companies and utilities as part of Navigant Consulting’s Energy Practice. She also has hands-on experience in both federal and state policy. She holds a Master’s of Energy and Environmental Policy from the University of Delaware, and a BS in physics and environmental studies from Allegheny College.

Maggie's Recent Posts


Top 10 Reasons @TVAnews SHOULD close Paradise 3 (and Bull Run)

After much speculation, in a split vote the Tennessee Valley Authority voted at their quarterly board meeting today to ignore President Trump’s appeal and make the decision to recommend the retirement of both Paradise Unit 3 and Bull Run, two aging coal plants in Kentucky and Tennessee respectively.


TVA Magically Cuts Small Modular Reactor Costs in Half in Four Years Despite No Installations

TVA has found the magic beans! In just four short years, TVA has somehow cut the cost of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs), an unproven nuclear generation technology, approximately in half. Why isn’t…


Where the 2018 Candidates Stand on Energy: Democratic Nominee for Tennessee Governor Karl Dean

This post is the eleventh post in a series of blogs examining where 2018 candidates for state and federal offices in the Southeast stand on key energy and climate issues. To read…

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