Florida at the Bottom? Governor DeSantis, Don’t Let This Happen…

Florida PSC staff has recommended zero, or near zero, goals for cutting energy waste. IF the goals are approved by the PSC, Florida would cement its place at the bottom in helping customers. Governor DeSantis shouldn't let this happen on his watch.

George Cavros | October 25, 2019 | Energy Efficiency, Florida

On October 24, staff at the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) recommended adoption of the big power companies’ proposed ten-year energy efficiency goals of zero, or near zero. If the recommendation is approved by the PSC on November 5th, it would accelerate the state’s dangerous trend of walking away from helping customers use energy smarter and it would solidify Florida’s place at the bottom of state rankings in helping hard-working families and small business cut energy waste and save money on bills. Moreover, more than 6 million families and businesses would lose access to utility energy efficiency programs under the companies’ proposed goals.

We can and must do better

Governor DeSantis, who appoints the PSC members, shouldn’t let this happen on his watch. Cutting energy waste is the cheapest, quickest and cleanest solution to reduce bills for families and businesses that adopt savings measures. Cutting energy waste not only helps customers that adopt efficiency measures through an efficiency program, it helps all customers by lowering the utility’s overall system costs (including the amount of fuel the utility burns) and defers the need to build costly new power plants.

A lack of investment in cutting waste will lead to higher energy bills, ultimately making the state less competitive. Florida already badly trails states – nationally and among its Southeastern neighbors – in capturing energy savings for customers. IF the utilities’ proposed goals are approved, Florida would cement its place at the bottom.

Florida families and businesses already pay the 8th highest electricity bills in the country. The upcoming PSC decision provides the agency, and Governor DeSantis, a unique (once-in-five year) opportunity to provide economic relief to Floridians. This is a no-brainer and state policy makers should be solidly behind cutting waste, helping customers to safely make their homes comfortable, and protecting our environment for future generations.

Over 4,000 comments have been filed in the docket at the PSC opposing this huge step backwards, as well as a dozen municipal letters and resolutions. Now is the time for customers to reach out to Governor DeSantis. Add your voice, along with thousands of Floridians, by joining SACE in stating clearly that “Zero is not a goal!”  The time is long overdue for Florida to join other states that are meaningfully investing in low cost energy savings  – Florida’s hard working families and small businesses are depending on it.


George Cavros
This blog was written by a former staff member of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy.
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