Wind energy is a clean renewable source of energy that saves water and helps clean the air. Both wind energy generation and wind manufacturing bring quality, long-term jobs and economic growth to communities. Wind farms have been installed in many states across the country and are already providing significant amounts of clean, low-cost, domestic energy. In fact wind energy is now the least expensive source of electricity in the country. While several states in the middle of the country generate more than 30% of their electricity from wind, there are only two wind farms in the Southeast, providing far less than 1% of the nation’s energy. That could change, however, as the Southeast has perhaps the best offshore wind resource in the nation, and advances in technologies have made it possible to economically harness the wind onshore in the Southeast now too. Additionally, wind power can be brought into the Southeast by transmission from places out west where wind development is less expensive. Wind power should continue to grow as an excellent, reliable, economical piece of the Southeast’s energy portfolio.

Get the facts about the Amazon Wind Farm in NC

Beer and Dalmatians, Bob Dylan and Wind Power, Budweiser pulls out all the stops for Super Bowl LIII

Budweiser has already released one of their several Super Bowl ads, touting the company's self-proclaimed commitment to sustainable energy use.


New Year, New Opportunity for Wind in NC

North Carolina's wind energy moratorium expires on Dec. 31 while a project is poised to deliver economic development and clean energy to the state.


Amazon Wind Farm North Carolina

Recent advances in wind energy technology have made wind energy an economic and reliable source of power throughout the Southeast. The first coastal wind farm to be built in the Southeast, called…

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