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Now more than ever we must band together and press for clean energy solutions. Staff at the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy runs active campaigns in various states in the Southeast and we need your help to continue our push for clean energy for all.

Visit our “Take Action” pages to learn what steps are needed to bring clean energy to the Southeast and to address climate change and reduce our dependence on high-risk energy choices like nuclear and coal.

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Millions of people are facing unprecedented hardship as the COVID-19 coronavirus takes its toll on public health and livelihoods. Smart energy policies that conserve resources and protect customers continue to be critically important in these uncertain times, especially as some may struggle even more than normal to pay our bills. It is critically important for power companies to make sure that no one is left behind and no one’s utilities are shut off, especially as people are encouraged to stay home.

TAKE ACTION NOW to contact your governor and members of Congress, urging them to order utilities to suspend disconnections for the duration of the coronavirus crisis and to commit with a renewed sense of urgency to invest in energy efficiency and solar energy that both lower bills and reduce pollution that harms public health.