Sara Barczak

Regional Advocacy Director

Sara manages a variety of staff and teams to strategize, develop and execute advocacy efforts for the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy that focus on advancing stronger state, local and utility clean energy policies. She continues many of her previous responsibilities as the former high risk energy choices program director such as providing extensive outreach and support to concerned citizens, organizing partners, the media, and decision-makers and participating in legislative, state and federal regulatory forums on issues concerning nuclear energy, public safety, utilities and the impacts of power plants and our energy infrastructure on the region’s water resources.

Sara managed our coastal office in Savannah, Georgia, which opened in 2000 after the former Georgians for Clean Energy (formerly Campaign for a Prosperous Georgia) hired her in 1999. She participated in a U.S./Russian exchange with non-governmental organizations in Russia impacted by plutonium bomb fuel (MOX) programs, including travel to Russia. Sara has worked for over twenty years in diverse environmental fields in the private and non-profit sectors: as an environmental contractor for Department of Defense facilities relating to hazardous waste and air quality issues and as a citizen’s advocate, educator and consultant for three non-profit organizations. Sara received a B.A. in Biology from Lawrence University.

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