Patrick King

Electric Transportation Equity Manager

Patrick King is the Electric Transportation Equity Manager for SACE. He is working to accelerate the transition to equitable electric transportation by promoting the growth of electric transportation ownership for all and supporting equitable ET policies and programs. Patrick promotes and supports diversity, equity, and inclusion in SACE’s workplace culture and practices, external operations, and interactions with all stakeholders.

Prior to joining SACE, Patrick worked as a planetarium educator and as a sustainability education manager in the nonprofit sector. He was also instrumental in developing and leading the Nashville Environmental Justice Initiative. He is a graduate of Louisiana State University where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies. In his free time, Patrick enjoys trying out new recipes, reading, and spending time with his partner and two dogs, Laika Jean and Yoko.

Patrick's Recent Posts


VW Settlement Update 2022

It’s been six years since Volkswagen and the EPA agreed to a multiple-part Clean Air Act violation settlement. This updated article explores how Southeastern states have put these funds to use.


Country Roads, Charge At Home

Rural communities are distinct from urban areas in many ways. To ensure that none are left behind as we electrify transportation, we must address their unique mobility needs.


Combining multiple strategies to address urban mobility needs while electrifying transportation is essential to reach our climate targets

As we work toward electrifying transportation, we must keep in mind that while replacing every vehicle on the road with an EV would vastly reduce emissions, it could also perpetuate existing inequities…

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