Kate Tracy

Communications Coordinator

Kate joined SACE in December 2018 as a Communications Coordinator in the Knoxville, Tennessee office. Kate curates the SACE voice in digital and traditional media outlets. She also tracks media analytics, manages the website and attends community events. 

Prior to SACE, Kate lived in Raleigh, North Carolina and was involved in the textile industry and helped develop sustainability programs that benefited, nonprofits, schools and local artists. She has a history of working with small businesses and artists to develop digital marketing strategies and craft their brand’s story through photography, graphic design and merchandising.

Outside of SACE, Kate enjoys rock climbing throughout the Southeast, trail building, photography, sewing and reading. 

Kate's Recent Posts


Groups Urge Georgia PSC to Stand with Customers and Deny Fee Hike

Over the past 10 weeks, through several hearings and public input sessions, the Georgia Public Service Commission has worked through difficult issues that Georgia Power has brought forth in their rate case.…


On Giving Tuesday: Think Globally, Act Regionally

The effects of the climate crisis are of global magnitude, and many of the worst impacts will be felt right here in the Southeast. By making a donation to the Southern Alliance…


Georgia Power Customers Speak Out Against Fee Hike to the Georgia PSC

Georgia Power's proposed fee hike is unjustified, inequitable and bad for consumers. It must be stopped. Read stories from Georgia Power customers who oppose the nearly doubling of the mandatory monthly fee,…

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The Florida Public Service Commission Votes to Reject Energy Conservation Goals of Zero

Tallahassee, Florida – Today, the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) rejected its own staff recommendations to adopt energy efficiency goals of zero and voted to maintain the state’s current energy conservation goals…