Kate Tracy

Communications Coordinator

Based in the Knoxville, Tennessee office, Kate curates the SACE voice in digital and traditional media outlets as well as email campaigns, newsletters, and action alerts. Kate also works with utility staff and ally organizations to develop and produce technical reports and webinars. She also tracks media analytics, develops creative content in digital and print form, creates and manages SACE’s campaign websites, and supports advocacy, development, and program staff to craft compelling messages based on technical analysis that move audiences to action.

Prior to SACE, Kate lived in Raleigh, North Carolina where she worked in the textile industry and helped develop sustainability programs that benefited, nonprofits, schools, and local artists.

Outside of SACE, Kate enjoys rock climbing throughout the Southeast, trail building, paddling, photography, sewing, and reading. 

Kate's Recent Posts


SACE members speak up to tell TVA: No new fossil gas!

SACE members and residents across TVA’s service territory are submitting comments through June 10 encouraging TVA to remember its core mission and embrace low-cost, clean energy options such as energy efficiency, solar,…


After six-month delay, MLGW’s process to find an alternative energy supply gets an unexpected restart

UPDATE: Update: At their April 6th meeting, the Memphis City Council voted to approve the issuance of a request for proposals (RFP) in order for MLGW to seek alternative power supply options…


Where the Candidates Stand on Energy: Complete Series

In this blog, we wrap up our #CandidatesOnEnergy2020 informational blog series that highlights critical races in both federal and state offices where support for clean energy policies could be a factor that…

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Clean Energy and Jobs in Georgia: A Discussion with U.S. Senator Reverend Warnock and Georgia Leaders

Watch a conversation with U.S. Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock on clean energy and jobs in Georgia held on Wednesday, July 28. Senator Warnock was joined by several clean energy business leaders to…