Jason Caissie

Electric Vehicle Transportation Coordinator

Jason joined the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy in 2019 in the newly created role as Electric Vehicle Transportation Coordinator. He is working to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles by promoting the growth of electric vehicle ownership and supporting EV friendly policy and programs. Central to his work is educating and engaging stakeholders to propel EV usage and advocating for comprehensive EV infrastructure.

He is a graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University with a Master of Educational Technology degree and received his Bachelor of Art degree in Cinema Studies from the University of Central Florida. Before joining SACE, Jason worked as a technology educator in the public-school system. He also founded the Southwest Florida Electric Vehicle Owners club. Jason’s passion for Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicles not only guided his to SACE but also lead him to move to Babcock Ranch, Florida, the nation’s first town designed from the ground up to be solar and energy efficient. He lives there with his wife and daughter. In their free time, they enjoy watching movies and traveling around the country on 100% electricity.