Chris Carnevale

Coastal Climate and Energy Manager

Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Chris is SACE’s Coastal Climate and Energy Manager and South Carolina State Affairs Liaison. Chris joined the SACE staff in 2011 to help build a critical mass of support for clean energy as a solution to climate change on our coastal region. His work focuses on advocating for clean energy and transportation, building opposition to offshore oil drilling, and raising awareness of the disproportionate impacts climate change poses to the coast. Chris is motivated to be an advocate for clean energy because he believes in the ethic of leaving a place in better shape than you find it. He wants the world to be a cleaner, safer, healthier environment for future generations.

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Hurricanes and Climate Change: Learn From An Expert

A recent webinar with NASA Senior Scientist Dr. Timothy Hall explained how climate change is affecting hurricanes.


Can Electric Vehicles Replace New Offshore Drilling?

Ten years ago today, hundreds of thousands of gallons of crude oil were gushing into the Gulf of Mexico from BP’s Macondo oil well, following the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig’s catastrophic and…


Berkeley Electric Sets Pace on Helping Customers Through Tough Time

Berkeley Electric Cooperative announced on Monday that it will be refunding customer security deposits, as a way to help customers weather the uncertain financial times ahead. Thousands of people in coastal South…

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Groups Launch Campaign Against Georgia Power’s Proposed Fee Hike

Contact: Chris Carnevale, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, [email protected], 843-973-2637 Melissa Williams, Sierra Club, [email protected] Adam Winer, Consumer Reports, [email protected], 202-462-6262 x7444 Jennette Gayer, Environment Georgia, [email protected], 404-370-1764 Lauren Hart, Georgia Solar…


SACE Comments on South Carolina Second Draft VW Mitigation Plan

SACE Comments on South Carolina Second Draft VW Mitigation Plan, August 17, 2018


Youth v. Gov: How Kids are Taking Their Fight Against Climate Change to the Courts

Join SACE on August 8 for a webinar with Our Children's Trust to discuss lawsuits youth have filed against states and the federal government to demand climate action. Young people filed legal…