Chris Carnevale

Climate Advocacy Director

Chris is SACE’s Climate Advocacy Director. Chris joined the SACE staff in 2011 to help with building public understanding and engagement around clean energy solutions to the climate crisis. Chris is motivated to be an advocate for clean energy so that people–especially younger and future generations–prosper and thrive in a healthier, more livable environment.

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EVs Drive Down Oil, Especially In The Face of Tragedies

12 years ago, the Deepwater Horizon tragedy showed us the need to move past fossil fuel reliance. Today, the tragedy in Ukraine reinforces this imperative for us. The oil industry is now…


Georgia’s Energy Future Is Being Planned at the PSC

A key hearing took place last week as part of a planning process to determine what types of energy will power Georgia for the coming decades. Georgians have the opportunity to advocate…


Memphis Is Evaluating New Electricity Suppliers

Memphis’ municipal electric provider is evaluating proposals for new suppliers of power, which could be one of the most consequential clean energy developments in the Southeast this year.

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Slide Deck: Landscape of Energy and Climate in South Carolina

Landscape of Energy and Climate in South Carolina, April 2021


Groups Launch Campaign Against Georgia Power’s Proposed Fee Hike

Contact: Chris Carnevale, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, [email protected], 843-973-2637 Melissa Williams, Sierra Club, [email protected] Adam Winer, Consumer Reports, [email protected], 202-462-6262 x7444 Jennette Gayer, Environment Georgia, [email protected], 404-370-1764 Lauren Hart, Georgia Solar…