Bryan Jacob

Solar Program Director

Bryan joined the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy in June 2017. As Solar Program Director, Bryan leads activities to promote solar power across the Southeast. These activities range from conducting research on solar power trends to advocacy on utility resource planning and specifically include collaboration with stakeholders in the solar energy development industry.

Prior to joining SACE, Bryan founded Climate Coach International to help organizations design and implement practical and cost-effective climate mitigation and adaptation strategies. And before that, Bryan spent two decades leading environmental initiatives for The Coca-Cola Company. He was the architect of the Climate Protection Strategy that established Coca-Cola as a leader in the beverage industry and the broader corporate sector.

Bryan has a degree in Civil Engineering from Georgia Tech and is also a nine-time USA champion in Weightlifting. He had the privilege of representing the United States in the Olympic Games twice: 1992/Barcelona and 1996/Atlanta.

Bryan's Recent Posts


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