Brady Watson

Civic Engagement Coordinator

Kansas native Brady Watson attended Kansas State University where he received a bachelor’s degree in History, and then a master’s degree in Documentary Film and History from Syracuse University.  After doing some freelance work in the film and tv industry, Brady started in the nonprofit world organizing around fuel efficiency standards. That turned into working on a gubernatorial race, and, most recently, a move to Knoxville to run a mayoral campaign.

Brady is based out of Knoxville and is responsible for identifying potential races and issues where SACE can have an impact whether that be on the local, state or federal level. Brady will also organize around ballot initiatives and utility issues that may impact climate and energy policy.

In Brady’s free time, he likes to run marathons and explore all the outdoor and community events Knoxville has to offer!

Brady's Recent Posts


WV v. EPA: SCOTUS rules on EPA authority to regulate GHG emissions

We explore how the ruling does - and does not - affect opportunities for climate action nationally and in the Southeast.


Hundreds of individuals and groups, including Nashville and the EPA, submit comments on TVA’s proposed gas power plant and pipeline

Hundreds of concerned individuals, organizations, local elected officials, and power providers in the Tennessee Valley criticized TVA's proposed Cumberland fossil gas power plant and pipeline plans, and are calling instead for the…


Local Knoxville Nonprofit Hosts Open House for Low-income Solar Home 

Energy efficient homes powered by solar + storage and made possible through innovative financing practices serve as models for other sustainable and affordable housing options for many families in Knoxville and surrounding…

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Memphis City Council Committee Meeting Documents, 3.16.2021

This document contains the Memphis City Council Ordinance which was passed on first reading at the March 16 City Council meeting. The ordinance is an attempt to grant the Memphis City Council…