Amy Rawe

Communications Manager

Based in Knoxville, Tennessee, Amy joined SACE as Communications Manager in May 2020. Amy coordinates earned media responses and collaborates with SACE’s communications, policy, and program teams to create engaging messaging for the press, the public, and the organization’s members. 

A graduate of Wake Forest University, Amy’s career has spanned leadership roles in communications, public relations, marketing, and journalism. Prior to joining SACE, Amy was a strategist and senior copywriter with a digital marketing firm, spent several years as a Communications Director with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and worked in traditional media as both a reporter and editor. 

Having lived in the Midwest, Northeast, Northwest, and now the Southeast, she also traveled extensively through South Pacific and Southeast Asian countries and spent time in Europe and Brazil. Her experiences shaped her dedication to foster a national and global understanding of environmental stewardship. 

Today, Amy’s passion for promoting clean energy solutions and environmental advocacy is most deeply rooted in her desire to create a healthier, more sustainable climate for her young daughter’s generation, and those to come. 

Amy's Recent Posts


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