Amelia Shenstone

Regional Advocacy Director

Amelia leads a team of field staff and coordinates strategy and execution of SACE’s comprehensive campaigns in the Tennessee Valley region. She also guides SACE’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts. Previously, she directed SACE’s coal program. She is based in Atlanta, GA.

Before joining SACE, Amelia helped establish an organization to facilitate a clean energy transition for economically vulnerable coalfield communities in West Virginia. She also campaigned for clean energy initiatives in several states, and for Gulf Coast wetland preservation to protect New Orleans, her previous home. Amelia is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College and Green Corps, the field school for environmental organizing.

Amelia's Recent Posts


Another Florida Coal Plant to Go the Way of the Dinosaurs

Lakeland Electric has officially proposed the closure of the 364 megawatt Unit 3 at the C.D. McIntosh generating station to the Lakeland City Council. The closure is due to rising maintenance costs…


Last Minute "Transparency" - TVA releases key planning data days before comment deadline

Reports predict some lovely spring weather this weekend... but instead of frolicking outdoors, SACE staff will be diligently reviewing the last-minute release of data from TVA just days before the deadline to…


Top 10 Reasons @TVAnews SHOULD close Paradise 3 (and Bull Run)

After much speculation, in a split vote the Tennessee Valley Authority voted at their quarterly board meeting today to ignore President Trump’s appeal and make the decision to recommend the retirement of…

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