South Carolina has immense potential for renewable energy and the clean energy economy of the 21st century. South Carolina has among the best wind and solar resources of the region, even as our citizens are being affected by climate change and the impacts of costly fossil fuel energy. South Carolinians send more than 8 billion dollars out of state annually for energy fuels like coal, natural gas, and petroleum. But developing local energy resources, like solar, wind, energy efficiency, and transitioning to electric vehicles, would keep more of our money in-state while creating jobs and providing for cleaner air and water. The opportunity of the clean energy economy is too great for South Carolina to pass up, yet to realize this opportunity, engaged citizenry and proactive leaders must overcome entrenched interests by speaking up and calling for clean energy now.

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Solar Choice Metering: A Better Way (Duke vs. Dominion)

South Carolina's Energy Freedom Act requires the Public Service Commission to establish a "solar choice metering tariff" for customer-generators (e.g., rooftop solar customers). Customers seem overwhelmingly opposed to the Dominion proposal. On…


The Pandemic Effect - Efficiency Performance and Energy Affordability Challenges in 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic made energy bills even more unaffordable for families in the Southeast, while utility energy efficiency programs also took a hit. New data shows how the response taken by each…


President Biden Boosts Offshore Wind

President Biden unveiled his plan to begin harnessing the power of offshore wind energy this week.

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