Solar is a crucial part of a clean energy economy and SACE plays a key role in advocating for strong solar policy in the Southeast. This work takes many different forms throughout the region from electoral campaigns to utility resource planning to regulatory engagement. In addition to policy and advocacy, SACE provides a leading and non-biased evaluation of how solar is (or is not) being deployed across our region. This research and tracking is compiled in our annual Solar in the Southeast report, the most recent versions can be viewed below. With your support, SACE is proud to fight for fair and equitable solar policy.

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Clean Energy Connection Program Aims To Expand Access to Solar in the Sunshine State

No one can deny the strong demand for solar power in the Sunshine State. In response, Duke Energy Florida aims to launch Clean Energy Connection, a 749 MW shared solar program to…


Living and Driving on Sunshine

We purchased a low-mileage used electric vehicle for our family in 2017. After Hurricane Irma, we added a rooftop solar system that powers our home and our car. We couldn't be happier…


Solar Cavalry Turns Out to Defend Net Metering

A strong show of support for rooftop solar in Florida helps maintain the state's net metering rule. The Florida Public Service Commission decided not to act to change the rule at its…

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