Solar is a crucial part of a clean energy future and SACE plays a key role in advocating for strong solar policy in the Southeast. This work has taken many different forms throughout the region, from electoral campaigns, to utility resource planning, to regulatory engagement. In addition to policy and advocacy, SACE provides a leading and non-biased evaluation of how solar is (or is not) being deployed across the region. This research and tracking is compiled in our annual Solar in the Southeast report, the most recent which can be viewed here: 2017 Solar in the Southeast Annual Report. With your support, SACE is proud to fight for fair and equitable solar policy.

Solar in the Southeast 2017 Annual Report
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My Story as the Only African American Certified to Design Solar PV in Tennessee

As we celebrate Black History Month, SACE is highlighting stories at the crossroads of energy and equity. Through my own work to design and install my own solar rooftop photovoltaic (PV) system on my home, I’ve become very familiar with the challenges in Tennessee. I've also reflected on how current utility policy in Tennessee is unfair and inconsiderate of the poor, low, and limited income customers. Here I share my experience, lessons learned, and hopes for a more equitable system.


Good News for Aspiring Solar Installers in North Carolina & Florida

Renewable energy jobs are on the rise nationally, with solar panel installation showing up as the fastest growing job in eight states, including Florida and North Carolina, in January 2019.


Hey KUB, Do You Hear Your Customers Yet?

KUB customers are paying $19 a month before they even flip on a light switch. In 2010, monthly fixed fees were $6. Since then, fees have tripled! These are some of their stories.

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