The ocean adjacent to most of the Southeast has never hosted offshore oil and gas drilling, yet in recent years the federal government has repeatedly, misguidedly attempted to open our waters for this risky proposition. Offshore drilling is dirty, dangerous, and unneeded. Drilling off of the Southeast coast would jeopardize our coastal tourism economy, our treasured environment, and our quality of life. Fortunately, other offshore energy sources, like offshore wind, can be developed responsibly, and electric vehicles can completely offset any perceived need to drill off of our shores. We have beaten proposals to drill off our coast before, and with your support, we can beat them again, together.

Tell elected officials: No offshore drilling!
Learn How FL Banned Offshore Drilling Through Amendment 9!

Trump Admin Advances Reckless Seismic Airgun Surveys in the Atlantic

Today, the Trump Administration approved harming whales and dolphins as part of the administration’s reckless, out-of-touch “drill-everywhere" plan, which seeks to do the bidding of Big Oil at the expense of coastal residents, economies, and wildlife. Seismic airgun blasting and eventual drilling is economically and environmentally unjustifiable. When the electric vehicle revolution renders Atlantic oil drilling obsolete, it won’t be possible to take back the damage done to our beloved coast.


Victory! Florida Voters Pass Offshore Drilling Ban

Amendment 9 passed in Florida’s midterm elections tonight, adding a ban on offshore drilling in state waters to the state’s Constitution. As of 10pm, the ballot initiative received approximately 68 percent of the vote,…


Florida's Amendment 9 - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Amendment 9? Amendment 9 will prohibit drilling for oil or natural gas in Florida’s state waters and include tobacco vaping in the existing prohibition of tobacco smoking in enclosed indoor…

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