Our country and region is currently reliant upon fossil fuels like coal and other high-risk energy sources like nuclear power that endanger our economy, health, security, water resources, and the environment. For too long, utilities and leaders in the Southeast have supported these high-risk, polluting energy sources, while ignoring affordable energy efficiency and clean, water-saving renewables such as wind and solar. With limited resources to invest in new energy infrastructure, the Southeast should move away from high-risk energy choices and instead maximize the potential from energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Discover whether you live near a Coal Ash Pond in the Southeast

Duke’s Carbon Plan: Part 1 -- Too Risky, According to Experts

Advocates outline risks of North Carolina Utilities Commission approval of Duke’s rigid, outdated resource plan proposal.


Historic Federal Rules Will Curb Dangerous Power Plant Pollution

Today, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under President Biden’s leadership released an important set of pollution limitations for power plants that will improve people’s health and help preserve a stable climate. Specifically,…


SC House Passes Legislation Favoring Fossil Fuel Expansion Over Renewable Electricity

Bill proposes new fossil gas power plant to be built on the Edisto River, saddling customers with billions of dollars on electric bills for decades to come.

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