Our country and region is currently reliant upon fossil fuels like coal and other high-risk energy sources like nuclear power that endanger our economy, health, security, water resources, and the environment. For too long, utilities and leaders in the Southeast have supported these high-risk, polluting energy sources, while ignoring affordable energy efficiency and clean, water-saving renewables such as wind and solar. With limited resources to invest in new energy infrastructure, the Southeast should move away from high-risk energy choices and instead maximize the potential from energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Urge FPL to Stop the Leaks & Clean Up Turkey Point!
Are you living near a Coal Ash Pond in the Southeast?

TVA Magically Cuts Small Modular Reactor Costs in Half in Four Years Despite No Installations

TVA has found the magic beans! In just four short years, TVA has somehow cut the cost of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs), an unproven nuclear generation technology, approximately in half. Why isn’t…


Turkey Point: FPL’s Customers and Clean Water Take It On the Chin

FPL's customers are paying to clean up FPL's environmental mess created by its cooling canal system at its Turkey Point plant. As FPL shareholders make millions in profits annually on the clean up, we've learned that the Company is not making timely progress on its environmental compliance requirements.


FAKE NEWS alert: "Zombie" Bellefonte reactors remain a bad bet

The infamous, "zombie" Bellefonte reactors near Scottsboro, Alabama were cancelled in 2016 by TVA after being mothballed for many decades (and cannibalized for parts used at other reactors) with billions of dollars spent/wasted.…

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