Our country and region is currently reliant upon fossil fuels like coal and other high-risk energy sources like nuclear power that endanger our economy, health, security, water resources, and the environment. For too long, utilities and leaders in the Southeast have supported these high-risk, polluting energy sources, while ignoring affordable energy efficiency and clean, water-saving renewables such as wind and solar. With limited resources to invest in new energy infrastructure, the Southeast should move away from high-risk energy choices and instead maximize the potential from energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Urge FPL to Stop the Leaks & Clean Up Turkey Point!
Are you living near a Coal Ash Pond in the Southeast?

Georgia Regulators Kick Multi-Billion Dollar Plant Vogtle Nuclear Can Down the Road

Despite clear indications from both the Georgia Public Service Commission Staff and Georgia Power that great uncertainty lies ahead for the massively over-budget and delayed Plant Vogtle nuclear expansion project, the only remaining new nuclear power construction project in the country, the Commissioners today voted 4-1 to adopt a Stipulation that concerned organizations, including the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, opposed in the 19th Semiannual Vogtle Construction Monitoring proceeding.


Top 10 Reasons @TVAnews SHOULD close Paradise 3 (and Bull Run)

After much speculation, in a split vote the Tennessee Valley Authority voted at their quarterly board meeting today to ignore President Trump’s appeal and make the decision to recommend the retirement of both Paradise Unit 3 and Bull Run, two aging coal plants in Kentucky and Tennessee respectively.


EVs Make the Link between Clean Power and Reduced CO2

As coal plant retirements continue and the energy sector slowly but surely cleans up its act, the transportation sector has moved into position as the country's primary producer of carbon dioxide, which has some serious implications on our ongoing work to reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions.

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