Our country and region is currently reliant upon fossil fuels like coal and other high-risk energy sources like nuclear power that endanger our economy, health, security, water resources, and the environment. For too long, utilities and leaders in the Southeast have supported these high-risk, polluting energy sources, while ignoring affordable energy efficiency and clean, water-saving renewables such as wind and solar. With limited resources to invest in new energy infrastructure, the Southeast should move away from high-risk energy choices and instead maximize the potential from energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Discover whether you live near a Coal Ash Pond in the Southeast

Coal Ash Town Hall Underscores Need for More Public Oversight of TVA

Moving toxic coal ash from its current location in Memphis is a necessary first step to protecting our water supply, but it needs to be moved in the safest, least impactful way.


TVA plans to replace Cumberland coal plant with another fossil fuel

In 2021 TVA announced it would shutter the Cumberland coal plant. Last week, TVA proposed to lock customers into paying for fossil gas to replace it, without fully exploring efficiency and renewable…


Plant Vogtle: End Of An Era (or is that an "error"?)

After 25 rounds of semi-annual Vogtle Construction Monitoring (VCM), that VCM process is now changing.

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