Webinar: Knoxville Climate Council with SACE and the City Of Knoxville’s Sustainability Director

On Tuesday, April 28, 'SACE Executive Director, Dr. Stephen Smith, and the City of Knoxville’s Sustainability Director, Brian Blackmon, had a virtual climate conversation. Many elected officials in Tennessee have largely ignored the climate change crisis, but Knoxville’s recently elected Mayor, Indya Kincannon, has committed to taking action on climate change. During her campaign, Mayor Kincannon pledged to form a Climate Council tasked with developing a plan to meet the city’s carbon reduction goals that passed in the summer of 2019. To learn more about SACE's work to push for more clean energy and affordable electric bills in Tennessee, head to RenewTN.org.

Kate Tracy | April 29, 2020 | Webinars