Florida’s warm climate, 1,200 miles of coastline, and natural beauty make the Sunshine State a fine home and a popular travel destination, but one that is highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change — from sea-level rise, to higher temperatures and stronger storm surges – that are already being felt in local communities. These risks and available opportunities demand that the state move towards a clean energy economy. While the Sunshine State is starting to tap into its vast solar energy potential – as the state’s utilities scale up development of large-scale solar projects, and rooftop solar continues to be adopted by families and businesses, there remains enormous opportunity to accelerate solar development, energy efficiency, and electric vehicle adoption in order to move to a cleaner, lower cost, lower risk energy future.

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Florida Power & Light Drags State to Bottom of Efficiency Rankings

FPL's resistance to utility energy efficiency isolates the company from their corporate peers and dragged Florida down to the bottom of state rankings.


Good News for Aspiring Solar Installers in North Carolina & Florida

Renewable energy jobs are on the rise nationally, with solar panel installation showing up as the fastest growing job in eight states, including Florida and North Carolina, in January 2019.


Solar In Your Community Challenge Team Highlight

The Solar in Your Community Challenge is a $5 million contest to support innovative and replicable community-based solar business models and programs that will bring solar to underserved communities. Over the two-year…

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