The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy is a leader in advancing Energy Efficiency throughout the Southeast.  We promote cost-effective utility-funded energy efficiency programs to reduce customer utility bills, stimulate local job creation, and reduce the need for fossil fuel power plants.  We participate in formal regulatory proceedings, collaborative working groups, and long-range utility resource planning. SACE is committed to ensuring the benefits of energy efficiency are equitably distributed, especially for those who struggle with the cost of their monthly energy bills.

Memphians: What is MLGW Hiding on Your Utility Bills?

Memphians Caught in the Dark

All across Tennessee, low-income families are put in a difficult situation due to high energy burdens. The term “energy burden” refers to the portion of household income spent on energy bills. In Tennessee, some residents are paying as much as 20% of their annual income on their energy bill.


Deck the Halls With LED Lights

Although you might still be eating Thanksgiving leftovers, we have now officially entered The Holiday Season. It's time to dust off your decorations, start playing the Nutcracker Suite and begin your holiday…


Let Me See the Fee - Electric Bill Transparency

What do you see on your monthly electric bill? More importantly, what don’t you see? If you live in the Tennessee Valley and get your power from TVA, your bills have probably…

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