The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy is a leader in advancing Energy Efficiency throughout the Southeast.  We promote cost-effective utility-funded energy efficiency programs to reduce customer utility bills, stimulate local job creation, and reduce the need for fossil fuel power plants.  We participate in formal regulatory proceedings, collaborative working groups, and long-range utility resource planning. SACE is committed to ensuring the benefits of energy efficiency are equitably distributed, especially for those who struggle with the cost of their monthly energy bills.

Energy Efficiency in the Southeast 2019 Annual Report
Read SACE's oped on energy efficiency that ran in the USA Today!
Energy Efficiency in the Southeast 2018 Annual Report

Analysis: Overall Southeast Utilities Have More Summer Peak Hours, Some Are “Winter Peaking”

Overall electric demand is flat in the Southeast, but what is happening with peak demand? Does your favorite utility peak in the winter or summer? What difference does it make? Find out…


Why the Census Matters for Clean Energy Advocates

Accurate population counts are essential to the future of crucial energy efficiency and energy assistance programs, as well as essential to what energy advocates know about the connection between how people use…


Economic Stimulus Package: An Opportunity to Protect Americans from Coronavirus Impacts AND Protect Clean Energy Jobs

Because Congress is considering a third coronavirus aid package, specifically focused on economic stimulus in addition to the billions already allocated as part of a major coronavirus emergency aid package for healthcare…

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