The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy is a leader in advancing Energy Efficiency throughout the Southeast.  We promote cost-effective utility-funded energy efficiency programs to reduce customer utility bills, stimulate local job creation, and reduce the need for fossil fuel power plants.  We participate in formal regulatory proceedings, collaborative working groups, and long-range utility resource planning. SACE is committed to ensuring the benefits of energy efficiency are equitably distributed, especially for those who struggle with the cost of their monthly energy bills.

Read the Third Annual "Energy Efficiency in the Southeast" Report
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Urge Congress to Support 100% Clean Electricity by 2035
Read the Second Annual "Energy Efficiency in the Southeast" Report
Learn How Florida's Energy Efficiency Programs Fail Customers

Floridians need bolder, faster action on energy efficiency

We can all agree that it makes sense to use energy smarter. Energy efficiency is the prime example: it's the smartest way to meet our energy needs by cutting energy waste, saving…


Report: Achieving 100% Clean Electricity in the Southeast

SACE analysis demonstrates that achieving 100% clean electricity by 2035 in the Southeast is possible. We have options, and the time to start is now.


A summary of the climate-related funding proposals in the American Jobs Plan

As we mentioned in our blog post a few weeks back, the American Jobs Plan introduced by President Biden contains a variety of climate and clean energy-related funding and programs which would…

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