Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

All of us in the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (“SACE”) family are saddened and angered by the continued attacks on members of the African-American community. Individually and collectively, we at SACE stand in solidarity with those who are speaking out against racial injustices and systemic racism that has festered far too long. Our team has been listening to Black voices and reflecting on the events of these past weeks, as well as the social injustices that have burdened African-American communities for generations. As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. anticipated so passionately and eloquently in his Letter from the Birmingham Jail, the time has long since come to speak publicly on racial justice in this nation, and we at SACE want to continue to listen and to add our voice in support of this critical conversation. We stand in support of the Constitutional rights of all people to organize and demonstrate publicly and will oppose actions that erode these fundamental freedoms.

Black lives matter and Constitutional rights matter – full stop.

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The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy is committed to leading regional advocacy efforts across the Southeast focused on sustainable, clean energy resources like wind, solar, and energy efficiency to combat global climate change.

Recognizing the increasing and evolving diversity in our region, as well as the impacts of the historical legacy of racial inequity in the American South, we strive to work collaboratively on meaningful solutions. The consequences of high-risk energy choices, like climate change and pollution, disproportionately impact communities of color, lower-income households, coastal areas, and other groups; clean energy solutions can help reduce this burden and the negative consequences associated with these choices. SACE strives to prioritize efforts and partnerships with affected communities, working alongside individuals to engage in changing systemic inequities in energy systems.

We value unique differences in our staff, board, volunteers, and ally organizations, which include but are not limited to race, gender, class, ethnicity, creed, and sexual orientation. SACE welcomes diverse perspectives; we understand that reflecting in our staff body the breadth of cultures in the Southeast will ultimately make our work to preserve the quality of life through better energy decisions more effective. We are committed to the work of recognizing the ways larger societal inequity is reflected in our organization and striving to do better through ongoing education, discussion, and reflection.

Southern Alliance for Clean Energy’s diversity efforts is led by the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee.

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Organizations Working on Racial and Environmental Justice

We’re committed to working with and uplifting the work of organizations who are fighting for racial justice and to heal structural inequities. We encourage you to learn more about these organizations and support their efforts as well: