Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE) envisions and works toward a reality in which all people and all communities in the Southeast – regardless of zip code, skin color, level of wealth, and other characteristics – are included at the table and benefit from clean energy. This means we all have a cleaner environment, improved health conditions, affordable bills, safer homes and communities, and a brighter future.

We work to address environmental, racial, social, and economic injustices through advocacy for equitable policies, practices, and programs that tackle our region’s harmful reliance on fossil fuels and help avoid the worst impacts of the climate crisis. Under-resourced and disadvantaged communities often experience negative impacts first and worst; we prioritize direct collaboration with these communities to promote meaningful solutions that reduce the environmental and economic burdens. 

Just as we are committed to confronting environmental and energy injustice, we are also committed to recognizing and addressing the ways societal inequity is reflected within our organization and in turn cultivating equity and justice internally.

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