We support the rapid decarbonization of our transportation system because the transportation sector has become the biggest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. To meet this goal, we support the transition to cleaner vehicle technology and increased vehicle efficiency. Electrifying our transportation sector with the increased use of renewable energy and advancing electric vehicles will help accomplish this goal while bolstering our economy, saving consumers money, and reducing our dependence on oil and the threats from offshore drilling.

Support Electric Vehicles, Not Offshore Drilling
Learn how we can Electrify the South
Go Electric: Take the NextCar Pledge!
Join SACE and drive on sunshine in Asheville, NC

Rescheduled - Capitol Electric Vehicle Day - Atlanta, GA

EV Day on the Capitol is an opportunity for owners and supporters of electric transportation to urge legislators to support expanded electric transportation throughout Georgia. Join electric vehicle owners and enthusiasts to share information about electric vehicles with legislators on Thursday, March 7th, 2019 from 9 am to 2 pm.


EVs Make the Link between Clean Power and Reduced CO2

As coal plant retirements continue and the energy sector slowly but surely cleans up its act, the transportation sector has moved into position as the country's primary producer of carbon dioxide, which has some serious implications on our ongoing work to reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions.


Atlanta’s Mercedez-Benz Stadium: The Real MVP of the Super Bowl

How does Atlanta, a city that recently committed to 100% clean energy by 2035, and it’s brand new stadium, Mercedes-Benz, compete on the largest stage of the year when it comes to sustainability? Short answer: Pretty darn good. 

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