We support the rapid decarbonization of our transportation system because the transportation sector has become the biggest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. To meet this goal, we support the transition to cleaner vehicle technology and increased vehicle efficiency. Electrifying our transportation sector with the increased use of renewable energy and advancing electric vehicles will help accomplish this goal while bolstering our economy, saving consumers money, and reducing our dependence on oil and the threats from offshore drilling.

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Trump Admin Advances Reckless Seismic Airgun Surveys in the Atlantic

Today, the Trump Administration approved harming whales and dolphins as part of the administration’s reckless, out-of-touch “drill-everywhere" plan, which seeks to do the bidding of Big Oil at the expense of coastal residents, economies, and wildlife. Seismic airgun blasting and eventual drilling is economically and environmentally unjustifiable. When the electric vehicle revolution renders Atlantic oil drilling obsolete, it won’t be possible to take back the damage done to our beloved coast.


Electric Vehicle Weekly News Roundup – Nov 2

Electric Vehicles US Electric Car Range Will Average 275 Miles By 2022, 400 Miles By 2028 — New Research (Part 1). Based on battery price decreases and historical range increases, this author…


The Electric Car that Climbed Mt. Washington

To celebrate National Drive Electric week, September 8 – 16, 2018, I decided to experiment with driving my electric vehicle (EV) from Marshall, NC to Mt Washington, NH.  Although a veteran to long distance trips in a conventional gas-mobile, I was a little daunted about taking my new 2018 Chevy Bolt.  But I love visiting the country by car so I had to get into my EV saddle sooner or later, no better time to begin than during a nationally recognized week.  Locally I was consistently getting greater than 250 miles estimated driving range on a full battery charge, but a 1,200 mile trip would necessitate careful planning to maximize my time efficiency, minimize my cost and not stretch my wits too thin.

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