We support the rapid decarbonization of transportation systems because the transportation sector is now the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. To meet this goal, we launched Electrify The South, a program to educate and empower individuals, communities, municipalities, policymakers, and utilities to transition to clean, electric transportation throughout the Southeast. Electrifying our transportation sector with renewable energy and increasing vehicle efficiency will help accomplish our goal while bolstering our economy, saving consumers money, and reducing our dependence on oil and the threats from offshore drilling.

Visit our Website: Electrify The South
Use the Resource: Electric Transportation Policy Toolkit for Local Governments
Read the Whitepaper: Retained Transportation Fuel Spending in the Southeast
Read the Report: "Transportation Electrification in the Southeast"

Report Shows in the Southeast, Electric Vehicles are Economic Development Engines

Our fourth annual "Transportation Electrification in the Southeast" report unpacks market trends and policy levers underpinning growth in electric car, truck and bus adoption, including skyrocketing investments in manufacturing and job growth.


Signs of Progress with Clean Energy Growth in the Southeast

The Clean Energy Generation is making progress every day here in the Southeast. From farmers in North Carolina using their land for solar panels to Black churches in Georgia going green, our…


The Clean Energy Transition: SACE's Executive Director Talks Opportunities and Challenges

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