We support the rapid decarbonization of transportation systems because the transportation sector is now the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. To meet this goal, we launched Electrify The South – a campaign to educate and empower individuals, communities, municipalities, policymakers, and utilities to transition to clean, electric transportation throughout the Southeast. Electrifying our transportation sector with renewable energy and increasing vehicle efficiency will help accomplish our goal while bolstering our economy, saving consumers money, and reducing our dependence on oil and the threats from offshore drilling.

Let's Electrify the South
Join us: test drive an EV in the Sunshine State
Donate to SACE & drive on sunshine in Asheville, NC!
Which local governments are accelerating the transition to EVs?
Support Electric Vehicles, Not Offshore Drilling

Automakers: Seize Your Opportunity to Focus Recovery Strategies on Accelerating Electric Vehicle Deployment

Driving electric is a resilient transportation option that provides benefits to consumers, enhances energy security, and stimulates economic development. The auto industry has ground to a temporary halt; when it inevitably re-emerges…


Florida 2020 Legislative Electric Vehicle Summary

Now that Florida's 2020 legislative session has adjourned, here’s an update on the one electric vehicle-related bill that passed.


Economic Stimulus Package: An Opportunity to Protect Americans from Coronavirus Impacts AND Protect Clean Energy Jobs

Because Congress is considering a third coronavirus aid package, specifically focused on economic stimulus in addition to the billions already allocated as part of a major coronavirus emergency aid package for healthcare…

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