Taking the EV to see Grandma

Stephen Smith | December 26, 2011 | Clean Transportation, Electric Vehicles, Energy Policy

So we are taking the trip, yes taking the Nissan LEAF from Knoxville to Nashville, TN, about a 185 mile trip. My last post we talked about the new Fast-Chargers that have been deployed along the interstates in TN as part of the EV Project.

The fast chargers, if they are all working will make this trip possible. We should only need 15-20 mins to top off the cars Lithium ion battery and then keep on trucking. The map below has the approximate locations Cracker Barrel stores with the Fast Chargers along I-40 between Knoxville and Nashville. I have not heard of anyone who has done this trip with the LEAF so far, as most of the stations have been installed in the last few weeks. Building out this infrastructure is an important step to giving the EVs greater range and utility.

This morning I charged the car to the usual 80% of charge between 12 AM and 6 AM. Regular charges to 80% vs. 100% will extend the life of the battery, and charging in the off-peak hours of the early morning provide the cleanest power. It has a timer so when you get home you plug in and the timer will automatically start charging at what time you set, midnight in my case. Then I went ahead and boosted the battery on up to 100% of charge for the extra range. We will be stopping at all the chargers along the route, to check on their status, boost as needed.

We hope to tweet along the trip, and will post a follow up when we make it. Stay tuned and wish us luck…Over the hills and through the woods………



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