Parlez-vous Climate? – Video Series Brings Global Climate Conversations to Southeast

Guest Blog | December 3, 2015 | Clean Transportation, Coal, Electric Vehicles, Energy Policy, Events, Nuclear, Solar

Have you been wondering what the U.N. Paris Climate talks are all about? What is exactly is the COP21?

Well the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy is gearing up for these global negotiations, with a video series that will bring this international event home.  Even though the COP21 climate change discussions are happening 1000s of miles away, we are continuing the conversation right here from our own communities in the Southeast.

We’re calling our series “Parlez-vous Climate? – Conversations from Paris and Beyond” and we want to hear from you, our supporters. Leave us comments, ask us questions…the same conversations going on in Paris need to happen here. We are already feeling the impacts from climate change. In fact, last year was the hottest year on record and this year is on track to top it…now growing up in the South, where it is already plenty hot and humid – when I hear things like this, I am inspired to work towards cleaner energy choices, and we know that you are inspired too!

Just this fall, our country finally took steps to address carbon emissions from power plants by enacting the Clean Power Plan. It’s not a perfect plan, a topic we’ll address throughout this video series, but it’s a start. And its something the United States is taking to Paris, to show the leaders of the world, that as a unified global community, we need to Act On Climate, now. No more waiting. No more denying. 

Thank you for supporting the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy and our efforts to promote responsible energy choices here in the Southeast.

Stay tuned to our YouTube or Facebook channels for each video in this segment. Now let us hear from you! 



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