Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Policy Staff

SACE is seeking a leader to drive advocacy on electric vehicle infrastructure policy in the Southeast. Advocacy areas will include utility investment in EV charging infrastructure, rate regulation for EV charging, and investment to support low income drivers' access to charging infrastructure.

Michelle Powell | December 11, 2018 | Jobs and Internships

SACE is seeking a leader to promote clean energy policy across the Southeast as an Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Policy Manager or, potentially, Program Director. If the new position is hired at a program director level, she will be responsible for developing and executing strategy for SACE’s regulatory and utility engagement on electric vehicle infrastructure policy in the Southeast. Specific issues anticipated to be priorities include:

  • Utility investment in electric vehicle charging infrastructure
  • Regulations affecting electric vehicle charging stations
  • Development of appropriate rate regulation for electric vehicle charging, with a focus on costs associated with infrastructure and rate design complementary to other emerging issues (e.g., solar power, battery storage, and energy efficiency)
  • Ensuring that programs prioritize investment to support low income drivers’ access to electric vehicle charging infrastructure

SACE will consider a variety of candidate backgrounds. We anticipate that an ideal candidate would have experience with complex capital investment issues in a regulated context and a solid understanding of how utility electric rates are set.

In addition to specific duties related to electric vehicle infrastructure, the new position will have general responsibilities related to our utility reform program. These duties would include engagement with regulators, utility staff, allies, and technical experts on topics such as solar energy, energy efficiency, electric rates, and utility resource planning.

This is not an entry level position, and full-time work experience is a requirement for consideration. Staff in our utility reform program are expected to have professional experience that demonstrates an understanding of energy policy issues and solid skills in most of the following areas: writing, public speaking, analytic and computer applications. Experience with state agencies, decision-makers, media, or non-profit advocacy is necessary. While modest exceptions may be made, a minimum of four years of relevant work experience has been typical of successful applicants in the past, and at least six years at the program director level.

This position is most likely to be filled in North Carolina, ideally the Raleigh-Durham region. SACE will consider applicants with geographic interests in other locations, but limited to Tennessee, the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida or Alabama. Salary offers are commensurate with nonprofit compensation in the Southeast, and include a full benefits package.

The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy is an equal opportunity employer and considers candidates for employment without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, religion, age, gender, marital status or sexual orientation. We strongly encourage applications from women and persons of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Applicants should email resume and letter of interest to apply@cleanenergy.org and note any restrictions regarding location, salary and dates of availability.

Due to the high volume of inquiries we receive, we are unable to personally contact all applicants. Please be assured that every application is reviewed and considered by a senior member of our staff.

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