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"Solar in the Southeast" 2018 Annual Report (Part 1)

We are pleased to release of the second annual "Solar in the Southeast" report and hope that you will find the data and analysis both helpful and interesting. We updated last year's…


Utility Leaders, current and future: "Solar in the Southeast" (part 3)

Last week, our blog series took a look at the SunRisers. But there are a number of other large utilities who deserve recognition on both our current and future leaderboards. Today's blog…


Solar in the Southeast: 2018 SunRisers (Part 2)

In the second post of our series following up on the release of SACE's 2018 "Solar in the Southeast" Report, we shed some light on old and new SunRisers, those utilities who…


TVA is the Biggest SunBlocker (again): Solar in the Southeast (Part 4)

The fourth installment of our blog series discussing the outcomes of SACE's 2018 "Solar in the Southeast" report discusses TVA's shortcomings when it comes to embracing clean solar.


Corporate Leadership: Solar in the Southeast (part 5)

The final installment in this blog series highlights corporate leadership in renewable procurement. Five companies are doing nine projects in three Southeastern states totaling more than 1,000 MW (1 GW) of solar.