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"Energy Efficiency in the Southeast" 2019 Annual Report

SACE’s "Energy Efficiency in the Southeast" 2019 report shows that Southeastern states and utilities continue to rely on expensive, outdated, carbon polluting fossil fuel power plants while underinvesting in abundant low-cost efficiency…


North Carolina and Duke Energy Hold Commanding Lead on Energy Efficiency in the Southeast

Duke Energy and North Carolina continue to lead the Southeast on energy efficiency, accounting for vastly more energy savings than any other utility or state in the region. New state policies and…


Efficiency in Mississippi: Utilities Can Do More, Customers Deserve No Less

Mississippi has kicked off its first foray into integrated resource planning, but key questions remain for the future of energy efficiency. With the highest poverty rate in the nation and among the…


Southeast Utilities Falling Behind: ACEEE Efficiency Scorecard Confirms What SACE Already Knew. Nowhere to Go But Up!

The efficiency performance of most major utilities in the Southeast lags far behind the rest of the nation in ACEEE's 2020 Utility Energy Efficiency Scorecard. The publication reinforces key findings from SACE's…


A Clear Divide Between Florida Utilities on Energy Efficiency

Despite having among the nation’s highest monthly residential electric bills, Florida’s utilities consistently block efforts to increase efficiency savings goals that reduce customer energy bills. But a look at their 2019 performance reports…