Amelia Shenstone

Regional Advocacy Director

Amelia manages a variety of staff and teams to strategize, develop and execute campaigns for the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy. The campaigns focus on advancing stronger state, local and utility clean energy policies. Previously, she directed SACE’s program to phase out the oldest, dirtiest coal plants in the Southeast. She guides strategies and staff development with an effort to include the full diversity of southeastern communities. She has represented SACE in multiple coalition efforts.

Before joining SACE, Amelia helped establish an organization that facilitates a clean energy transition for economically vulnerable coalfield communities in West Virginia. She also campaigned for clean energy initiatives in several states, and for Gulf Coast wetland preservation to protect New Orleans, her previous home. Amelia is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College and Green Corps, the field school for environmental organizing.

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SACE Oral Comments at Fla. PSC Ten Year Site Plan Workshop Sep 14, 2016

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