Allie Brown

Clean Energy Advocacy Manager

Based in Atlanta, Allie works on promoting clean energy throughout the region, focusing on volunteer outreach, grassroots campaigns, and online engagement. She helped lead the Floridians for Solar Choice volunteer movement in the Sunshine State, a successful effort to remove policy barriers to solar power in the Sunshine State. Prior to SACE campaign work, Allie focused on wind energy advocacy in the South, providing education and research on the opportunities for wind energy development across the region.

When she isn’t working as a clean energy advocate, Allie can be found cheering on her favorite Atlanta sports teams and exploring new hiking trails with her pup. Allie attended the University of Georgia and received her bachelor of arts in Anthropology and minor in Ecology in 2013.

Allie's Recent Posts


When We Party Together, We #VoteTogether!

Over the past few months, SACE organizers have been working tirelessly to register new voters in Tennessee. It's too common that voters don't make it out to the polls during the midterms, so we have to change the culture around voting.


SACE Organizers Registering Voters Across Tennessee

In order to make clean energy and environmental justice issues a top priority in the South, we have to start by boosting voter turnout among those ready to build a clean, just…


Where the 2018 Candidates Stand on Energy: Republican Nominee for Georgia Governor Brian Kemp

This post is the sixth in a series of blogs examining where the 2018 candidates for state and federal offices in the Southeast stand on key energy and climate issues. To read the candidate…

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Are Wind Turbines Too Big?

New wind turbine technology is a game changer for wind energy opportunities in the Southeast. In just five years, wind turbines have greatly evolved to be more suitable across the region. Taller…


Advanced Wind Technology: Elevated Opportunities for the South

[caption id="attachment_14096" align="alignright" width="257"] Buffalo Mountain Wind Farm, Tennessee; Credit: NREL[/caption] Advanced turbine technology, lower costs and updated wind resource assessments make wind energy economically feasible across the South. However case studies…


Vea nuestros videos del Calentamiento Global

Enero 12, 2010-- Hoy, La Alianza del Sur para Energías Limpias (Southern Alliance for Clean Energy) reestrena dos de sus videos sobre calentamiento global ahora con subtitulados en español. El video "Lugares…